Spam Filtering

With spam levels at an all time high and with no end in sight, Accord Internet is proud to announce its introduction of a revolutionary new system to rid your inbox of spam! This page exists to give you information on our new Spam Filtering system (MailFoundry) which will be added to your hosting service.


MailFoundry hardware spam filtering servers sit in front of our existing mailservers and exist purely to filter spam out of your email before its delivered to your inbox.


MailFoundry use a layered approach to maximise kill rates and minimise false positives. MailFoundry does not use any 'scoring' or rating systems for identifying spam - those systems are really only 'guessing' at spam.

Email processing

MailFoundry uses signature files or definitions, much like your virus checker on your PC uses. Those spam signatures are created and managed by human spam editors who look at spam 24x7x365, and new updates are released every 5 minutes to ensure that our customers have the latest rule sets to defeat spam attacks as they happen.

Email Digests

Each day you will be emailed a "digest" to each email address being filtered by the MailFoundry. This digest will contain a list of all the emails which were filtered out by the system (and should contain 100% pure spam). You will be able to release any emails which are not spam by clicking a link next to that email in your digest. You will also be able to report those emails as not-spam for future filtering.

You may receive two digests in the same day. This is due to the fact that we will be using multiple MailFoundry servers for added redundancy and load balancing. The digests will contain different emails for you to examine and release as necessary.

Catch-all Email Addresses

Please note - catch-all email addresses are no longer supported on hosting accounts. Catch-all is an un-necessary feature which only increases the amount of spam you receive, and the load on the spam filtering servers.


If you have any queries about our spam filtering service - we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.